Welcome to Microbest – The preferred source for precision machined components and assemblies.

Since our incorporation in 1960, Microbest has consistently been the preferred source of precision machined components and assemblies for our customers.  Although the last 50 years has brought about many changes to business and technology, Microbest’s commitment to outstanding quality and customer service has remained a constant.

When Microbest was founded 50 years ago, it was one of literally hundreds of local, similar shops. Today, few remain even on a national level. Microbest persevered through past and current industry downturns by employing innovation, a constant pursuit of excellence and continually raising the bar for Quality, Value and Productivity.

Having started out with our core capabilities in automatic Swiss screw machine production, Quality, Efficiency, Productivity and Value are in our “genetics”.  Currently, the core principal of providing our customers with outstanding value in all of our products is achieved with state of the art CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Grinding and other high efficiency metal removal and finishing equipment.

 Looking to the future, we expect growth through expansion of capabilities and markets served. We regularly produce:

  • Close tolerance, high volume and low volume machined parts for military applications, primarily Small Arms Parts and Components.
  • Microbest is a volume supplier to OEM manufacturers on many commercial and military firearms platforms. M-16 parts, AR15 parts, M24x parts as well producing   many shotgun parts, bolt action rifle parts, pistol parts and revolver parts.
  • Electronics Parts including many consumer electronic components as well as Military -  Mil-Spec components. Components requiring close attention to detail such as RF Connectors, Fiber Optic Connectors and other components used in tele-communication systems are a natural fit for Microbest. 
  • Medical Systems components and parts for dental tools, orthopedic items such as bone screws, and components for other surgical devices.
  • Automotive Parts. Shafts, close tolerance bushings and valves for automotive sub-assemblies.

With our expertise in designing our processes for Quality and efficient output, along with our Equipment , Human and Fiscal resources, we are well positioned to take on a wide variety of new parts/products. We can efficiently produce precision parts out of raw materials ranging from Aluminum to the toughest “Super-Alloys”, from Bar Stock, Castings, Forgings, Extrusions, MIM etc. 
While we routinely provide quotes on single part requirements to new customers we are also very interested in quoting on part packages and larger statements of work that will allow Microbest to quickly become your preferred supplier for precision machined components and assemblies. If you are interested in having Microbest quote your requirements, please follow the Contact Us link or fill out one of the Have a Question forms found throughout the website. Additionally, please feel free to call us at 203-597-0355.