With many machining processes part edges can be left with undesirable sharp edges and or loose material/burrs. These conditions are rarely desirable. Fortunately Microbest understands how to deal with these conditions in the most efficient way possible. Through the utilization of mass finishing techniques such as rotary and vibratory tumbling, many burrs and sharp edges can be managed with limited operator intervention.

In the case of delicate parts or very critical deburring operations we also have the ability to deburr each part individually by hand. In the most demanding finishing and deburring applications, a combination of mass finishing, hand deburring including deburring under magnification may be needed.

No matter what your finishing and deburring requirement, we understand how to smooth the rough edges and have the equipment necessary to do it efficiently.

Our Deburring/Finishing Processes Include:

Vibratory Deburring

Rotary Barrel Deburring


Bead/Abrasive Blasting

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Manual Deburring/Polishing operations